Director/ Animator/ Haemin Ko
Poem/ Karine Sawan
Music/ Yin Lu
2021' New World  Classic Animation Award 'Winner'
The music label New World Classic made five pieces of music from its portfolio available, either for use as an integral part of an animated short film or for direct visualisation. These are the six Nominees for the New World Classic Animation Award. The winner 'Flower Duet' was awarded during the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS) at Germany in 2021.
By presenting a poetic expression of the interrelationship between the artist and the inspiration of flowers as a dynamic artistic sensibility, ‘Flower Duet’ is exploring sustainability and global warming issues through this experimental hand-painted(pastel/water colour) animated poem film from Director’s artist point of view.

Award Ceremony and comments from Juries

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